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Sound Quality

Well this is a cool ass effect. It is supposed to be a subharmonic synthesizer for bass. Well It is cool as hell on guitar and pretty tight on a Ibanez 5 String. My bassist just got a Furman Punch 10 Bass Enhancer and it is the same exact thing and more exspensive. But I want one myself so what the fuck am I talking about. The setting I use is the Bass From Hell (There's only 2 setting examples anyway) I use it with a Menatone Chawbox and a BOSS DS-1 for a light distorted deep ass octave sound. Or a Crybaby and a BOSS Delay. and a It just makes everything so deep and distorted.


General Comments

This pedal is tight. It's like the Buzz Box. Special and retarded. So if you play Drug influenced, slappy happy, hardcore, circus {censored}. Get it.

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