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Sound Quality

It is a great starter amp- you can get all of the sounds that you could want and it is loud enough to play with a couple of mates. However, once someone starts to play with a more powerful and better quality amp you are going to realise the limitations of an 8" speaker. But it is a starter amp that weighs next to nothing and me and the kids still play with it, them on the microphone and me coming through on the guitar. It's adequate for what it is-don't compare it to a tube amp- I have one and there is no comparasion- either in price or size or portability or sound. A great starter amp.


No problems.


General Comments

Playing for about 15 years, generally acoustic guitars. Bought this because I could play silently at night when the kids were in bed- it had lots of features and that was good enough for me. I play more electric guitar than acoustic now and this has been resigned to use for a microphone or a second guitar since I got a better amp.

If it were stolen I wouldn't chase after the thief, but that's because I have better gear now, but when I first got it I thought it was great and I still do for the job it is designed for.

Reviewer's Background

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