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Sound Quality

This is on of the best sounding devices in it's class.As a young player of the 60's we would tend to overload our speakers to get that rumbling stones sound.This unit emulates that very well.That same sound can be achieved playing through a Vibrolus with the volume to abot 4 or 5.After having played through various distortions like Visual Sound,Tech 21 and Carl Martin,all of which have their merits,this one deserves consideration as being well engineered and thought out.The eq is well balanced in that there is good definition between the bass and treble with no mud.I can turn the bass knob up and not overwhelm the treble to where it is drowned out and the treble and doesn't pierce your ears to where you think your gonna die.The distortion is unique and there is no hint of any midrange honk or buzz saw roar.From a soft crunch to a good drive that has ample sustain and doesn't over run itself,this pedal gets an A+.I'm surpised this pedal hasn't gotten more reviews or sold better as it really is a Diamond in the rough.I think DOD is really underated in much of it's pedal designs as this one matches many boutique models in features and beats the price .It uses the BA4558 op amp that may be somewhat unknown but really delivers in sound.


Somewhat questionable as the drive knob on the unit cuts in and out occasionally.

General Comments

For rock and blues this is a very versatile pedal and can achieve the TS808 sound to some very hot distortions and I highly recommend it.I use it through a Peavey Ranger and Peavey Prowler and it responds very well to those amps probably due to the good eq's on them and 12" speakers for a real rock roar.

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