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Sound Quality

Im using an Ibanez RG565 with splittable seymour duncan humbuckers and a laney TF200 amp, no other effects at the moment. i mainly use this pedal with a single coil at the neck, gorgeous clean chorus sound. when the pedal is switched off the signal seems to be lower (compared to not having the pedal there at all), but it doesnt seem to effect the sound quality. i love to crank up the delay time and width knobs, and set the speed knob on about a quarter and play Z.Z.s song by Joe satriani, ahhh. i can actually emulate his sound quite well (for this song), i just need a delay unit.


this thing is built like a rock, pretty damn solid. id depend on it, ive never had any problem with DOD pedals (i sold my GS-30 because the effects were crap, it was reliable enough even though it was made of plastic). a word of advice: READ THE MANUAL! dont assume that because the 'on' light wont go out, the pedal is malfunctioning! especially, dont pull the thing to bits in an attempt to find the problem! the manual states that when the light doesnt go off, it means THE BATTERY IS LOW (i discovered all this the hard way)

General Comments

i bought this pedal cos it was cheap(ish), in basically new condition, and it sounded good. i dont know how it would compare to a boss or a dano cool cat, but it blows the socks off the GS-30's chorus. it also out performed the Dano milkshake chorus mini. i love

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