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Sound Quality

I play an Ibanez Artcore through a Crybaby wha, the FX53, and a nanoverb into a peavey solid state or a Sovtek Mig 50. The sound is great for grunge-y stoner rock or maybe some of the heavier indie (not for metal probably) but it is a bit bassy and muddy at times. It's hard to get real definition on the high notes in a chord sometimes. It lacks the "sparkle" you'd want for REM or Oasis or something like that.


I've gigged with this. It's tough as hell. I can stomp, jump, kick, etc. and it wont die. It does eat up batteries if you don't unplug the input cord, though.

General Comments

I play post-hardcore/indie/pop so this pedal isn't <i>ideal</i> for me, but it is good enough. This was the first pedal I ever bought. I would not replace it if stolen, just because it's not quite perfect. I wish it was a little brighter, even with the "tone" knob cranked it lacks real definition on the high end.

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