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Sound Quality

i read alot about noise, and i was edgy about buying this pedal cuz of it, cuz i HATE noise, but after i plugged it in i found no noise at all. Of course by this i mena that the GE-7 PRODUCED NO NOISE ITSELF. however of course if you boost the level knob up to likr 75% you start hearing some noise, but thats just noisde already there. and i couldnt possibly imagine why you would want that kind of a volume increase in the middle of a song... so just use the level knob to compensate for whatever frequencies you cut or boost so that it averages out well witht he song. in this sense, there is no noise, and i get exactly the sound i want. its really fantastic. fattens my sound perfectly with no degredation. could do much more for you. i just wanted a fatter sound with distortion. works great.


its a boss man. come on.

General Comments

does exactly what i wanted it to. EQ's my sound just like it ought to.


no noise at all.


reliable as hell.


sounds just fantastic.


get one if the price is right (never pay retail...)

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