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Sound Quality

I use an american standard stratocaster with a big muff distortion pedal and a morley volume pedal and have been playing for three years. I play everything from blues to alternative rock to punk. Overall I'd say the clean channel is pretty nice and doesn't get to mushy even at high volumes. I wouldn't recommend using the distortion channel, I used it for an extra boost in volume until I bought a volume pedal. The problem with it is it's just not very clear, it'd be okay for a practice amp distortion, but not something to use for anything live. The amp does do a good job with distortion as long as you use a pedal on the clean channel. It has a good sounding reverb, but the chorus is kind of robotic. But, if you're looking for an amp with a clear full clean channel I'd say this is a good middle of the run amp. For the price I'd say it's a darn good amp though.


I bought my amp used and had a problem with the footswitch jack at first, but got it repaired and haven't had a problem with it since. I've knocked this amp over a few times and it's never given me any trouble.

General Comments

Overall I'd say this is a good middle-of the run amp with a good price. I've used it for several gigs and it's never let me down. The clean sounds decently good, not the greatest distortion though. If it was stolen I'd probably buy a different amp just because I've been looking to move up to bigger and better things lately anyways. I bought this amp because it was reliable and was the size amp I needed at the time, and I'd recommend this amp for anyone who's looking for a step up from a practice amp.

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