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Sound Quality

All of the sounds on this unit are excellent. I have always been on the heavier side of music, playing stuff from Deicide to Tool. With this pedal I am able to accomplish that with the grunge distortion. I have also tried get sounds for classic Rush songs and Hendrix. Sometimes, I'll use the overdrive to simulate fuzz (which it does very well) and other times using the grunge distortion on a low setting is just as good. All of the digital effects are extremely satisfactory. I only wish I could use pitch shifting along with chorus.


I have not had any problems as of yet. Seems to be pretty reliable.

General Comments

This unit is the best thing you could possibly by for $300. I paid $340 and got the gig bag too. Now the unit has been reduced to about $250 and the RP-6 is out. If you are on a budget, but don't want to suffer from having a crap unit... you can't go wrong with this.

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