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Sound Quality

The sound quality was not good at all, I hated it, also because I didn't like my amps either. I was running this piece of machinery through a Crate TD-35 and a Fender Sidekick Reverb amp. The guitar I was using was a '76 fender strat. I could never get the effects to sound the way I wanted so I stopped using them. The only effect I loved on this thing was the Delay but even with that you could never get an accurate number in miliseconds it was either 240, 250 or 260 but nothing in between.


I don't depend on this thing. I was always scarred when I used it because it had a problem of overheating and causing the sounds to be poorly produced. I always had a backup when I used this thing, that's how scared I was of it fucking up on me

General Comments

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