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Sound Quality

The Peavey Pro FX II has some very good effects and some poor ones as sound quality goes. Specifically, the reverbs and the EQs are good, but the AutoWah and the compressor and all the distortions are poor. The Chorus is better than average.


General Comments

As with most digital units, it is very tricky to get your input loud enough so as not to ruin your tone (particularly when using your amplifiers overdriven sounds), without digital clipping. I am disapointed by the fact that the unit cannot be truly bipassed unless you have an amp with a switchable effects loop. That is, when the unit is in bypass mode, it still does an A/D and D/A conversion, potentilly zapping your tone. Another big bummer is that the output volume knob is on the back of the unit! Also, the compressor is audibly clicky. On the bright side, the reverbs and the EQs are excellent. The reverb is very easy to configure and get the type of sound you want, and the EQs let you cut/boost your frequency response in most any way imaginable and are incredibly easy to use. The chorus/flange unit sounds pretty good but is less easy to use due to the poor explanation in the otherwise excellent manual. The Distortions are totally unusable in my opinion, but I grew up in the seventies and eighties, which makes me (un)nessecarily biased in the favor of a great tube sound. The unit has some really nice features, such as the ability to put effects in any order and "wire" them in series or in parallel. Particularly, the effects loop in this unit is truly programmable, and I have used this programmability to put some of the Pro FX's effects before my Amplifier's preamp, and the rest of the Pro FX's effects after my Amplifier's preamp. This to me is one of the only two ways this device can be used. The other way to use it is to not use the Wah, Compressor, or Distortions, and put the unit in your amplifier's effects loop.

Overall, I think the unit has some great ideas and features, but the digital compression and distortion really detract from the unit. This is one of the truly easiest units to program/configure that I have tried. Nevertheless, I plan to get rid of it and get a separate preamp unit, such as the ADA MP-2, and a separate unit for the time based effects such as Reverbs, Delays and Choruses. I heard the new Peavey unit has a tube preamp, but I have tried a number of "multi-effects" units including Digitech, ART, Peavey, Zoom, and my opinion is that all of them are not as good as separate units; They make too many compromises. O O ^ \_/

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