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Sound Quality

This is a good octave pedal. Not as good as BOSS' but better than nothing. I can the sound Tom Morello and Tim of Rage Against The Machine get from The Ghost Of Tom Joad really quick. But instead of getting a distorted octave you get a more bassy sound but if you use this with a distortion it sounds better. I use this with a delay and wah together which sounds great and I also use this with an Electric Mistress.



General Comments

I think this pedal is pretty awesome no noise, sounds tight with other pedals. I wouldn't be suprised if Tim Bob uses this himself it sounds just like him. It sounds almost like the DOD Meat Box but the Meat Box has the real beef + meat hence the name and it has the real low end. Not to say that this pedal sucks it's actually great I love it. It's just doesn't have the low end octaver like a lot of others but that actually makes the pedal a little better if you don't want this to be heavy all the time. It also doesn't bust amps like the Meat Box has said to do before. If you want Tim Bob or hell even a deep Claypool sound as what I use it for when I use my fretless 7-string. Get this pedal. It's deep, bassy, and it's DOD!

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