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Sound Quality

I'm using an 81 LP Heritage and pumping into a Carvin X-100 amp into a 4/12 slant. The SGX is not noisy unless you want it to be. The gating is programmable and it's pretty easy to get the cut where you want it. The distortions are mediocre, the delays are good, chorus is ok. Can't really get any sludge metal sounds without diving in and screwing with the EQ...some nice accoustic sounds though.


It has been very reliable. Have gigged with it on several occasions and it never glitched on me. I would use it without back-up unless we were getting paid alot more than usual.

General Comments

I play in a cover band and we play a variety of stuff that ranges from Tonic to Metallica so the versatility of the SGX was an important factor in my purchase...unfortunately it's not exactly fitting the bill. It's fine for wanking in your room and records direct fairly well...but for live applications I think it's lacking in several areas...the 475 presets it has are impressive in number but just OK in sound. I would trade it in a heartbeat for 10 killer tones. I am going to sell it off and go back to pedals. I would not buy this unit again...but it was fun for awhile.

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