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Sound Quality

This pedal sounds AMAZING! This is the closest thing I have to getting the sound I have always wanted. The thing is, you have to have the Drive and Tone Knobs cranked to get it to sound the way I like it, so it is not very versatile, but like I said before - I don't have a reason to turn the knobs, as it is what I want. The sound you get is a FAT (more felt than heard) heavily saturated Tube amp type sound with great harmonics and overtones. This pedal sings! The setup I have right now when I use this pedal is very simple. Strat Plus --> FX53 --> Fender Vibroverb. The pedal is noisy when there is no signal. The only reason I give it an 8, instead of a 10 is that as I said before, it is not that versatile to me.


DOD pedals SUCK when it comes to this depatment. Their switching mechanism is awful, and not reliable at all. Soldered wires on the inside are fragile and when I opened this thing up to (try to) fix the switch, I had to re-solder 2 out of 5 connections, as they had just popped off. The switch is not repairable on my unit, and I do need to find a replacement. The construction of this unit leaves very few options for replacement, unless you use the same kind of switch again (which SUCKS, so why would you want to ! lol )

General Comments

This pedal actually WAS stolen from me, and I did replace it with another. I wish that I could frankenpedal this thing and put it in a BOSS case, or something with a better switching mechanism and inputs. Because it does sound so well, I have purchsed backups, and pedals for parts.


I can't think of anything to compare it to, but I have to admit, I do love the way this thing sounds. Black Crowes (Southeren Harmony, etc) sound is easy to get, and even Hendrix and Gordie Johnsom of Big Sugar are attainable. The sound is inspiring to me.

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