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behringer T1951 Tube Ultra-Q

Sound Quality

Sounds great to me, maybe not as powerful as raging digital parametrics, but I got it for subtle shading and it's a clutch hitter. I primarily got this to enhance an acoustic guitar direct recording, which I love for jotting quicky ideas but never have been happy with the sound. The "tube" feature is subtle, but welcome. Different tubes may surely yeild varied results. I'm still using the stock tubes and haven't cracked it open yet to see what they are. The stock ones are a little 'dry' but with the 'warmth' knobs dimed (where I keep them most of the time) it does add a bit of body, which is musical and I'm glad the feature was included. In the past I've experimented with stereo recording one channel 'tube wet' and one channel 'off' which was a nice option for coloring the tone in a little bit. It seems like everyone's putting unnecessary tubes in everything, but here it makes sense, and is appreciated. I run pretty much everything else (vocals, drum machine, keys, etc) through it too, and I love the extra control it gets me, especially in stereo (dual channel) use. The 'warmth' of the tubes is a cool thing to have in your pocket for making different little toys gel in the mix. Of course you can turn it off if you just want to bump up lower mids in a vocal track (which this thing does wonderfully, addictively). I have to check myself that I don't over use it, but that's true for everything (delay, compression, etc) it seems. Restraint is good. I thought the 'tube' factor would introduce noise but I hear none, to my very pleasant surprise. With all the bands active it WILL color the original tone, but only because that's what it's supposed to do. This can be easily restrained for near-transparent use, though. But it's still a processor, so, obviously, it processes. I rarely use every band on any one track, preferring instead to pick and chose and reset depending on the audio. Again, I love that each band can be turned on/off at the flick of a switch. Handy. Easy.


I've only had it for a year but I really like it still. If it died I'd try to upgrade to something pricier, though it's a BIG jump in price to get other, comparable products. I kind of got this with low expectations and it's served me amazingly well. I'd be sad if it died, but for the price I wouldn't feel cheated. I have had other Behringer gear for as long and longer with NO problems. I think they had some Quality Check problems that they've hopefully addressed. At the end of the day, I could live without it, but that's not saying I'd WANT to. Feels sturdy and I'm not very worried by any means.

General Comments

I do folk, pop, and rock composing, mostly guitar and vocals with misc' overdubbing. I've been hard at work for over 15 years of home and semi-professional studio recording. I'm a gear nut and a fan of parametric EQs and this thing makes me smile still. I often experiment and change my studio, but this is a keeper, and a very useful one at that.


Recommended. And amazingly priced.



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