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Sound Quality

I'm using this peddle with a PRS, cry baby wah, and a MKIIC+ Boogie. It's very quite, just the slightest background hiss, nothing to worry about. I recently went out and bought a Boss CE2 chorus just because after having this for over ten years I thought there might be something else I'd prefer. Well after a few weeks of having the Boss, I've gone back to the DOD. I's a different chorus than the Boss, hard to describe, I think it's a bit richer sounding and less horrible '80s tone. I think those CE2s' got a lota work in the 80', and you just have to plug one in and your back there, and for those of you who weren't there-you didn't miss much!


So I'm reading here that some people have had problems with the switches. Well all I can say is that I've had this one for over ten years and it's been OK, never a problem. I don't know, maybe the newer ones aren't built as well, but this is rock solid. Pots are a bit scratchy, but that's to be expected with a peddle this old.The battery cover clip is broken and I have it held on with gaffer tape. It's good on batteries, so no big deal to occasionally pull the tape back.

General Comments

It's not bad.I'm a bit of a chorus junky and I'd really like to brake the habit. I only use it for clean sounds and I think chorus in general just sounds a bit too '80s. But switch it off and it sounds a bit boring. Even though I had the bad experience with the Boss I still think I'll keep my eye out for something else a little subtler sounding.For the time being this is doing the job OK.

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