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Sound Quality

i'm using it with an ibanez gax 70. the setting can really effect your tone and tweeking can be a big thing. most of the effects are quite effective but there are porabably better singular stomp boxes out there. i'm using a roland 405 guitar amp and this bitch get's pretty loud. the most annoying part is the sound volume differences ebtween everything. completely annoying but there is room to adjust for yourself. I really like the the metal and seattle distortions. i need a strong crunchy sound to shred away to. as for the effects the stereo delay is a trip out.


its good strong unit. throw it at your tv and you'll be playing guitar through it for the rest of your life. bilt like a freakin tank.

General Comments

its good {censored} for my firs effects unit. my tube od was gettin a bit one sided a needed a change. for the cheapest of metal multi effects processors i think the features on the korg were quite good and great for my first effects pedal. just one thing that i really wanted..... that the freakin recording loop of 8 seconds is jus tnot long enough!

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