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Sound Quality

The Zoom Fire comes equipped with a small pop up speaker. The speaker doesn't sound very good and you may be paying for an option you'll never use. Most of the effects sound really good especially the chorus, reverb and the flange. This machine comes with 8 types of distortion and 3 different amp simulations so you are bound to find that crunchy sound you're looking for. I've only played the Zoom through headphones so I don't know what it sounds like through an amp.


I've only had the Zoom for a couple of days so I don't know what to tell you.

General Comments

Although it looks are hideous, this machine makes some beautiful sounds. I would definitely buy this machine again for all of its features.

Here is a list of features: 64 patches (24 user/40 preset) guitar tuner 7 effects modules (eg.compressor, wah, distortion, eq, reverb/delay) 5 watt amp 10 watt speaker stereo mix in line out headphone jack

I compared the Zoom Fire against the Korg Pandora's Box. The effects quality is comparable and each has a feature that the other doesn't. The Korg comes with a built in metronome while the Zoom has the pop up speaker. My decision to buy the Zoom was based on the fact that the Korg's volume level wasn't loud enough for me when I listened to it through headphones. The sale guy didn't know how to use so it could be that he wasn't doing something right. The Zoom cost $270 while the Pandora cost $240.

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