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Sound Quality

The only good effects on this multi-effects processor are chorus, reverb, and flanger. Everything else bites. Particularly the delay, very cheap sounding. The distortions are wimpy, and they highly touted "Pixelator" and "Ring Modulator" were lame and worthless. I play alternative and rock, and this machine bites for this application. Since only three of its many effects are any good, it's not worth buying.


Made of cheap-looking plastic. Manuafacturer's ad says the plastic can withstand being run over by a truck, but I'm betting that's without the hardware inside.

General Comments

Don't buy this machine. You will be disappointed, unless you've never had an effects pedal or multi-effects processor and don't know any better. I've noticed that for some of the people reviewing this product, it was their first and they gave it great reviews. Well, if they'd had others, they wouldn't be so enthusiastic about it. Overall, the TEC8G could suck the chrome off a fender.

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