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Sound Quality

Using Strat W/ SD Hot Rails & Lil 59. 64 Fender Bassman. Marshal 25th 2x12. Little noisy. Kind of choppy. Doesn't deal with decaying notes well. This is no harmonizer. Haven't tried to get any particular artist's tone. I found best results running the meatbox into one half of the amp at 2, running the dry out through a distortion then into the other half of the amp at 7. Really does add a lot of punch, fatten and widen out the tone. But, sounds better undistorted and when the main guitar sound is masking it a bit. Very nice that the octave effect really fades out above the G string.


Very Reliable.

General Comments

This pedal does exactly what you'd expect for a product in its price range. Not a harmonizer. Not a synth. Used the right way, can really fatten up your tone and give it some BAM. Maybe would buy again. Wish it could perfectly octave the guitar. Chips these days should be able to handle decaying notes without chopping around. -Playing for a couple years, own distortion, delay, compressor, noise gate. Helps the sound. Chose it b/c it was what they had, and it was in my price range.

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