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Sound Quality

sounds a bit like a cross between prescription depth-charge and matchless hotbox (no tube needed), but punchier and easier to control the transition from mild boost to earthquake. it does not have the (mostly unnoticable) octave-up effect of the depthcharge/brassmaster. the sound is warm, tight, consistently excellent.


seems more solidly constructed than my previous #1 pedal, the prescription depthcharge, but time will tell.


General Comments

I got this when my depth-charge temporarily went on the fritz. the depth-charge revived itself before the angler arrived, so i used it to record. the angler is at least as good a pedal as the depth-charge, & is housed in a nice, unassuming mxr-sized box with a quieter paint-job. like the fish, it's deep and autoluminescent (sonically speaking, pardon the synesthesia. I like it very, very much

Reviewer's Background

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