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Sound Quality

when i first plugged this pedal in, i almost expected it to be a metalzone without the mids controls, but alas, it was much better. where do i start?! for one thing, the distortion knob ACTUALLY TURNS DOWN unlike my metalzone, and the EQ's are never too harsh nor too muddy. It's also a very quiet pedal, just like other bosses. The one possible drawback that ive found is that while the pedal can be dialed in to produce a heavy rhythm sound, or manipulated to create a singing lead tone,it can never do both at once, either the heavy sound's barred mids prevent the lead from standing out in the mix, or the lead setting's sustain makes fast or complex playing muddled and hard to differenciate. This is alright though because i don't use this pedal for leadwork, i use my DS-1 or MXR Dist+. This pedal is very flexible, it ranges from a heavy overdrive to over the top 80's and 90's metal tones. it can also get classic rock sounds, distortion good with open chords, and modern rock sounds. In fact, it can produce the sounds of all my other gain pedals combined, minus my fuzzbox.


it's built as well as any of my other pedals, and on top of that it's brand new, so yes, i can depend on yet another BOSS pedal

General Comments

i play fusion rock, rock, metal, classical, and my own music i haven't a name for yet. I love this pedal because it's flexible and practical, and is also another piece of BOSS's discontinued pedal history. haha.

my current setup is as follows: Gibson SG

Crybaby Wah

BOSS CS-3 Compressor



BOSS Hyper Fuzz

Boss Super Feedbacker and Distortion

Boss Hyper Metal!!! yeah!

Boss Metal Zone

Boss BF 3 Flanger

Boss Chorus Ensemble

Boss DD 3 Digital Delay

Peavey Studio Pro or

Marshall SS half stack.


The only thing i need now is a phase shifter, and maybe an old HEavy Metal pedal, so i'll have all 3 heavy metals. or is the new metal core one of them as well?? meh.

i've been playing for 5 years but i've taken it seriously and i can play up there with anyone. This pedal is perhaps the best distortion pedal i've ever come across, and i am so glad, and lucky, that i came across it.

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