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Sound Quality

Im using a Epiphone limited edition custome made molson canadian guitar with seymour duncon pickups with heavy bottom slinkys and a Rhoads flying V jackson and fender heavy picks with a practice amp.The metal zone is loud as hell just with all knobs at 12 o,clock.The Metal Zone is a powerful crushing grinding sound.And as you use it the sound still sounds great.I use this pedal for Metalica, Slayer ,Rage against the machine and Cannibal corpse and death metal and thrash and grunge.Using this pedal every soud you can get out of it is pretty good.


The pedal is very reliable I had battery in it for 1 year ad the pedal still sounded awesome.And I would totally use this in a gig.

General Comments

I play death metal,thrash,grunge,hard rock and this pedal can do all that.Ive been playing for 2 years,I own a crybaby and a me-20.If this were stolen I would replace it.I love the dark and heavy pounding sound but i hate that when youturn the dist or level al the way up you get a loud fuzz and the sound turns to muddy.My favourute feature are the eq's.I chose this one because its cheap and cool looking and good reveiws and the sound of the pedal.I wish thispedal had more low end.This pedal helps me make music because the sound has lots of aggresion.I recommend this pedal to metal heads!!!!!

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