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Sound Quality

It sounds perfect. i got the guitar on Monday and it is friday and I have barely put it down. I plugged into my Marshall adn this thing screams! It has a bright, but still pretty full sound and with the black diamond strings it sounds seriously perfect. I also put in brass bridge pins and they seem to help the guitar ring out forever. they were the best $10 I have spent in a long time.Another 10 here too.


5 days straight with no problems, but this is not enough time to really tell. By looking at it and the nice finish I am guessing this thing will last forever. I got a killer warranty though just incase it doesnt. definite 10 here so far!


General Comments

I have played for about 15 years...i have played everything from Taylor to Washburn and from American guitars to chinese guitars and this is my new favorite guitar. I bought it so i coudl play this thing really hard not worry about scracthing it, but I find myself takeing care of it now like it cost me 2 grand. This guitar is perfect adn I would definitely replace it if it were stolen! Overall this guitar gets a 10+ Very satisfied!!!

Reviewer's Background

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