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Sound Quality


Not very roadworthy, even with a steel chassis. I have had to repeatedly open the guts up to tighten mounting screws, re-glue the IC board feet to the base. Also found that some of the wire clip connectors were installed incorrectly. Even the little rubberized "feet" didn't stay on. The bolts to the expression pedals constantly loosen, and when I called customer svc, they said they didn't sell replacements. BEWARE- do not have stage lights (for instance floor lights) shining into the front of the pedalbard- it screws up the expression pedal tracking capabilities. Interesting design (light sensor foot pedals) but can be problematic in real-life situations. Sometimes can't read LED's if performing outdoors in sunlight. Replaced wall wart twice (no penalty to mfr- ALL wall warts suck).

General Comments

It IS the perfect compliment to the SGX-2000. Some innovative design aspects, however, they were not completely thought out. I would like to be a field rep for ART and put their gear through the paces BEFORE they unleash it on the public.

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