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Fender Blonde Blues Junior Guitar Amp

Sound Quality

My only axe is a mexican-made standard fender telecaster that, coupled with the blues junior, sounds good. OK, I think a vintage telecaster with a silverface twin would probably blow my stuff away but I'm quite satisfied. As I mentioned, I'd had a blues junior before, that I used with a gibson LP but I think with the telecaster it sounds more 60s rock-and-roll. I read in a review below that the blues junior sounds muddy - well perhaps that one does, but not mine. Tone is well balanced, I set all the controls to half and then adjust the sound with the knobs on my tele. I think this amp has that classic fender tone found on many recordings and heard on many gigs but is made for people who cannot afford (or don't really need) the high-end fender tube amps. Articulate highs, and dreamy lows, great for blues. I use only two pedals - a boss tremolo and a boss blues driver and that's all I need. I have the reverb set at about 3-4. The reverb is quite cheap but I like that, it makes funny noises. I don't think the stock speaker sounds as bad as described in some reviews, perhaps it just needs breaking in. I bought this amp from a gigging guitarist so it was played in really good.


I had the tubes changed, I guess the pre-amp tubes were ok but the power tubes needed replacement, so I ordered a complete set from JJ. Don't let it get wet or trashed and it will stick with you.

General Comments

I haven't owned much gear, cause I just could not afford it and also because it took me a long time to find people that were fun to play with. I played with various bands on quite a lot of borrowed amps and I think the blues junior is worth its price, provided that you know what do you want to play.

I wanted to buy a Vox AC-15 at first, but I could not find a used one anywhere on the net and could not afford to buy a new one (599 euro is too much). I was also thinking about buying a pro junior, but this one has just the right amount of power that I need.

For now I stick with the blues junior, who knows where music brings me. I look after my equipment, so hopefully it won't get stolen or busted. I don't use a back-up amp and don't even know anyone who does. If your amp breaks, clap your hands, play tambourine or something and get it repaired afterwards.

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