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CreamWare Minimax ASB Authentic Sound Box Synthesizer

Sound Quality

The sound quality is superb, amazing, fat, hard as you want, sweet, dark, bright, agressive, soft... The mp3 demos you can download don't make justice to the sound that you can make. It come with 4 directories of presets, one of then made by Peter Krischker that sounds amazing. The sound is real analogue, absolutely fat, sounds exactly as the real Minimoog, when you play it you forget that it is a program, you thing that it's a real analogue, electrical machine. And it's a poliphonic synth! You can make a wide sounds categories: deep basses that moves the walls, incredible leads, trumpets, strings, etc. Sound even better than virus, in pure sound, but Virus has a lot of effects and there are a lot of excellent patches in internet, like Rob Papen's presets. Minimax sounds better that the most hardware synths that I have tried, and I think that it's the best virtual synth programmed till this moment.


General Comments

I would have paid much more money for this synth. This is a must have plugin because you can use it in every musical genre, like progressive, hard rock, techno, new age, etc. It's the sound, and when you use it goes automatically to the front of your mix, it's huge!

I recommend to buy it, it's very chead compared to the service that can makes to you.



Reviewer's Background

Hello, I have been making music with computers since the Commodore Amiga age (excellent computer). Now I'm studing to be music teacher and I work in a music instruments shop. My homework studio is based in a pc 500 mhz with Creamware Pulsar II, Logic 5 and Access Virus hardware synth. I use CM 202, Amplitube, Wave Arts Masterverb and sometimes z3ta+, Albino and pro 52.

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