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Sound Quality

My setup at the present is Strat or Ibanez 550>Boss GE-7>Fulltone '69>Fulltone Choralflange>VHT Deliverance 60. I like simple setups and would use nothing but a cord if I could. The stock GE-7 was very noisy. With the mod it is dead quiet and more transparent. Was considering an Xotic or similar boutique pedal for boost, but the modded GE-7 works very well. I can also take out some skreechiness with the eq. Turns a Strat into a monster.


Never had any trouble with Boss pedals over the years. High quality parts from this mod can only add to that.

General Comments

Been playing for 25 years. Gigged a lot in classic rock/blues/country/hard rock bands. For the price of the pedal and mod I'm impressed. Would replace it if I had to...

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