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Sound Quality

It has a good metal sound and it sounds good clean. I usually just plug it into the amp that came with it. It is sensitive to electrical interferance but it isn't as bad as other guitars. The bridge humbucker has too fat of a tone so I replaced it. The neck pickup has a little fatter tone than I like but it is great for playing metal. It has a fatter tone than you would expect.


The strap comes off rather easily if you are not careful. It seems reliable and durable. It is a very dependable guitar. This guitar most likely won't let you down, it hasn't ever let me down.

General Comments

It is a great guitar. It is great for such a low price. I might tune it up by putting in some new pickups and some inlocking straps. If you can't afford a Gibson or a Fender but want the same quality, get this guitar.

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