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Sound Quality

Fender Mustang, MXR M108, Boss TU-2, Boss DS-2, Boss GE-7, Boss CE-7. I use the both EQ's to fine tune the distortion. I prefer the M108 at the front because it has and input gain, ten band eq, and output level. Mainly it's the input gain that I like, if the Boss had one I might have two of them instead of the MXR (I've been a Boss fiend). It's fine, it works, and I haven't noticed any bad noise coming from it, but it's not the best.


Never had any problems with any Boss pedal ever since the beginning of my music through its whole duration. Except the input and output jacks have come loose. I just tightened them and they stayed there. The thumbscrew also sometimes loosens. Just snug them good and if you think of it, check them once in a while.

General Comments

I saw on the internet that Dave Gilmour uses this pedal. Four of them. Good enough for me. I do prefer the MXR, however. I don't know if I'd replace this pedal if it came up missing. I rely on this pedal at this point to fine tune my distortion, and so I'm gonna hang on to it as long as I can.

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