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Sound Quality

Tough call, with all of the amp modelers and multi-effects coming out lately it's hard to compare the sound quality of this with them. The overdrive and distortion in this model sucks if you ask me -- either too harsh or lack of presence in the different types..this makes crunch nearly impossible to sound good... On the other hand, the reverbs, delays, choruses, and flanging sounds way better than a lot of these amp-modeler-all-in-one boxes...I own a pod and the Rp-1's effects kill the ones on the Pod in my opinion. They are all stereo and can be controlled left and right...


Aside from changing the fuse about 5 times within the last seven years this unit still works flawlessly. It has seen every situation, from jamming in my bedroom to gigging, and I even used it as a midi controller for my pod for a year until I got an Art x-15... A note on midi controlling: this is GREAT for that...lots of programming flexibility and the buttons are spaced apart nicely for playing on a dark stage..only reason I switched to the art x-15 is that I didn't want a fuse to blow while I was playing on stage, and also I needed the two CC pedals...

General Comments

This has proved to stand the test of time...with all the new effects coming out I still like to plug this one in every now and then and I can play for hours...If you can get one in good condition used I would recommend it if you like playing around with effects

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