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Sound Quality

I use three Stratocasters that are all configured differently. My main guitar is a 2008 VG Strat that has a lot of tones. I have a 2006 American Deluxe Strat that has EMG SL-20 pickups. I also have a 1983 Strat that has been totally customized with EMG SA pickups, a real Floyd Rose tremolo, and a Warmoth 22-fret maple neck. For power I use a Marshall 8008 80Wx80W power amp. The MP-2 is relatively quiet and the built-in noise gate takes care of most noise issues. The effects are nice with lots of parameters to get the settings the way you want them. I've used the MP-2 amp voicings and effects to emulate many tones that I have liked over the years which ranges from a Country Tele to 7-String Metal. The programs can be changed with a MIDI foot controller that allows you to plug in expression pedals. I use one as a global volume pedal and the other as an expression pedal based on the program chosen. I use it primarily for wah or tremolo speed.


I've been using this MP-2 for 16 years and I've only had one problem with it. There was a diode that went out causing a loud hum. The guys at ADA Depot diagnosed the problem online within a matter of hours, provided a schematic, and I had it fixed within 24 hours for the cost of the diode - about $4.00. I'm OCD about having backups of everything so I would like to get another MP-2 if I could find a unit in good shape at a reasonable price - just in case of an unexpected meltdown.

General Comments

I play a wide variety of styles so it is critical that I have a versatile preamp. The MP-2 lets me instantly switch from a Country Tele sound to a crunchy rhythm to searing lead. The two 12AX7's give me the warm tube tone that I like and the programmable digital controls and effects give me the versatility I need.


I've been playing guitar for more than 25 years. As I said above, I have three Stratocasters, a Marshall power amp, an Alesis Quadraverb for delay, a Korg DTR-1000 rack tuner, an EBow, and a glass slide.


If anything happened to my MP-2 I would definitely buy another one. I'm a huge Mesa-Boogie fan but that would require me to buy more effects units to match the MP-2.


I've tried other amps and my MP-2 is like an old shoe - it is very comfortable and I know the tones are good.

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