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Sound Quality

I have the MIJ version-but the MIT version is really close. It's analog so expect some noise in exchange for that rich, deep tone. The noise level is no worse than any other analog flanger. You can get everything from subtle sounds to really outrageous effects-the key is you have to work with this pedal a few hours to figure it out. It may not be quite as good as the older MXR,EH, or ADA pedals but do you really want to spend upwards of $200 for one of those when this Boss will give you what you need at a much more reasonable cost. Plus, the Boss is alot more reliable.


As the saying goes-"It's a Boss". Much more reliable than a vintage, or reissue, MXR or Electro-Harmonix.

General Comments

This Boss pedal will do all the flanging sounds the majority of guitarists would ever want or need. Sure, you can say that the vintage MXRs, EH or ADA pedals give slightly better effects but do you feel like paying the outrageously high prices for those brands, and then having to worry that those pedals will work each gig. The BF-2 will do what you need, at a fraction of the cost, and is the most reliable brand around. All in all, you can't beat this flanger.

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