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Sound Quality

No added noise from what I can hear, until the level is boosted extremely on it. I see some people are writing about how they "can't use it in front of a high-gain pedal". Simple solution: use it AFTER the high gain pedal. Using the EQ after distortion/overdrive sounds a hell of a lot better than before. Think about it: you're using the EQ to cut some unwanted frequencies from your signal.. and then sending that signal to a pedal that generates those same undesired frequencies? That sounds ridiculous when you think about it. If you have the OD/DIST before the EQ in your pedal, you can easily cut the unwanted frequencies that your OD/DIST pedal is generating. Bottom line: run your guitar through your overdrive/distortion, and THEN to your EQ. I'm sure you'll like what you hear.


As everyone has said before: BOSS. End of story. BOSS products, from my experience, are EXTREMELY reliable. I own BOSS CS-3, DS-1, MT-2, GE-7, and PH-3 pedals; and I've never had to replace one or get it repaired. I don't know how much power each pedal uses, because I just plug mine to the wall with an adapter. Never once have the pedals given out on me, any of them.

General Comments

I'm in a punk-rock band, so you could imagine that aggressively stomping the {censored} out of the pedals would do some harm, but it clearly hasn't.

This pedal is perfect for me to raise the mids of my sound for a sharper tone that really stands out from the rest of the band, but doesn't hiss. The sound from this EQ pedal is uncomparable.

If something ever happened to this pedal, I would definately replace it with another GE-7. I don't care if they come out with a new model, this one works perfect for me.

I love the control. Anyone can work this pedal, and anyone can use it to get just the sound that they want.

It's perfect the way it is, I don't think any extra features would do it any better.

One thing to maybe add upon it is being able to have more than one EQ setting stored in it, but then again there is a BOSS twin-pedal that can do just that, so this one's fine for a compact pedal.


If you haven't tried this pedal, give it a shot.

Just remember: use it AFTER your overdrive or distortion, not before (unless you want it to do nothing but generate noise).



GUITAR -> WAH -> COMPRESSION -> OD/DIST -> EQ -> MODULATION (phaser, chorus, flanger, octave, etc.) -> AMBIENCE (delay, reverb) -> AMP

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