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BBE Boosta Grande Clean Boost Effect Pedal

Sound Quality

Good clean and solid boost. Does seem to add a bit of dimension (nice) to the sound but does not alter tone. I used it on the front (last in chain) of a DSL50 to compensate when switching to single coils.


Began working intermittantly and then stopped all together. Scoped out the internal components and the PCB which all looked fine, except for that "true bypass" 3DPDT foot switch. This is the cheapest switch I have ever seen in any effects unit or pedal. The entire switch is plastic aside from the threaded collar the nut goes on and the button on top. The nine lugs that the wires are soldered to at the bottom of the switch are not metal, but actually foil wrapped plastic shunts glued into the body of the switch. When resoldering a wire back to one of the lugs (20watt iron setting) the damn thing melted. When I pulled the soldering wand up from the unit, the lug and its melted gooey plastic guts came along with it. I am amaized that these pedal have any reliability at all. What you get is a gereat heavy metal box with decent, but not exceptional jacks, a cheap plastic shafted potentiometer with a plastic knob painted to look like chrome and the cruddy 3DPDT button switch, which began intermittantly shorting befor faling completely.

General Comments

Great reviews when these work. Don't know if the current production units have the same components. When the low grade parts are replaced, should be a sturdy and reliable little box.

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