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Sound Quality

I'm very happy with the range of sounds available; the bridge humbucker gives a pretty meaty tone suitable for technical/progressive extreme metal, whilst switching to the neck humbucker and rolling the treble down slightly gives a sweet jazzy/acoustic tone. With the pickup switch in the mid-position, it's easy to get classic rock tones. I'm using it with a Laney TF200 hybrid combo amp, and, more recently, a Boss GT-5 processor. When I was playing with other musicians and the amp on 7+, it was quite easy to get feedback, so a noise suppressor could be a handy addition.


I'm confident that this guitar will withstand the rigours of playing live and that the hardware will last (albeit with an impaired finish). The finish on the wood seems pretty tough; I've knocked it a few times and expected a visible ding, but I've got away without so far. The strap buttons are solid, but I have had the strap slip off a few times. I'd probably use it without a backup, but I'd probably have another guitar (in a different tuning) handy anyway.


General Comments

I've been playing for about eight years. I also own a Tokai Custom Edition superstrat, a Charvette bass, a Peavey Microbass amp and a DOD Tec 8 multi-effects unit.


If my DX was stolen or lost, I'd shop around and see what else was around. Schecter and Cort have some interesting models, and I might be able to stretch to an Epiphone LP. I wouldn't be surprised if I ended up with a Crafter again at this price-point. Coming from a superstrat, I found the LPs I tried a bit cramped due to the shorter scale length. Being that the DX is modelled on PRS' guitars, pretty much everything - including the scale length - is halfway between a strat and a LP.


I think the DX's finish, tone and sustain are pretty special at this price-point.

Reviewer's Background

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