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Sound Quality

I have been playing guitar for about 35 years and as a professional musican for about 30 years. I have played a variety of styles but mostly rock. Elvis to Hendrix and everything in between. Currently I am forming an unplugged band and I did not want to take my 1970 Marin D35 or my 1964 Gibson J45 on a gig. So I went shopping for an inexpensive guitar. I set my price range at $500 to $1000. After playing every guitar in 2 Guitar Center, 2 Sam Ash Music stores and 2 Mars music stores I decided I would not be happy unless increased my budget. So much to my wife's dismay I started looking at Taylors, Gibsons and Martins. After more weeks of trying out guitars I finally found the Larrivee D03. I love it. It has actually inspired me to play! Great sound! What is great about it is that the sound is very well defined. Open chords are full and resonate but best of all each string has a voice. You can hear every note of every chord. But what attracted me more to this guitar was it playablity. It feels very comfortable to play. I just can't put it down! I got a strap so I can just walk around and play it everytime I get a break.


I am sure the Larrivee will last at least as long as I do. Very good workmanship. What you notice about the guitar is it's simple elegance. Nice touches here and there but very simple. What I love is the way it resonates against me. You can feel the sound in the back of the guitar and it is light and responsive. I think the satin finish contributes to this feel. At first I wasn't crazy about the satin finish. I thought is looked a little cheap conpared to the deep gloss finish on my Tacoma but I have become an avid satin finish fan. The satin finish gives it a slick feel and it does not grab at you like gloss finished do. The wood is perfect and the finish is impecable.

General Comments

I would recomend this guitar to anyone. Beginner or pro.I compared to every guitar I could find in every price range. There is something truely special about this guitar. Do yourself and favor and go play one. You will love it!

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