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Sound Quality

I have submitted a review for my first D03 and now I have bought another and felt compelled to rave on some more. I cannot find a better guitar period! I have been looking for a second guitar for altenate turnings live. I looked at everything in the under $4000 range. I did not consider to many guitars above $2000 since I am using these guitars for local clubwork. I have a 72 Martin D35 and my first guitar my parents bought me,a 1964Gibson J-45. I did not want to use either of these guitars live so I went looking for my gigging guitar. After trying hundreds of guitars I found the Larrivee D03 and have been in love with it since. (See my other review) I am writting this review because after searching for a second guitar I have come back to the Larrivee again. I absolutely love this guitar. The music store I bought my Larrivee at had 3 factory fresh D03 so had a chance to play them all and I have come to the opion that they all sound great. Subtle differences but all in all wonderful. The best way I can discribe the Larrivee is the way the sound of the guitar flows out without effort. In trying other guitars out I found myself working hard to bring the sound out of the guitar but as soon as I strumed a chord on my D03 it felt like buttered satin, like falling into a bed of fluffy pillows. OK it sound stupid but I really think they got some kind of mojo up there in Moose country. Whatever it is I can't get over it. It inspires me everytime I pick up my D03.(Either one) Go put one of these guitars in your hands and strum a couple of chords. You will become a believer!


This is a very responsive resonate light guitar. If you look at the braces on other guitars and then look at the Larrivee you will notice how much thinner they are. This and the satin finish make the guitar feel very delicate. I am a strong player and after only a few months I have worn a spot on the soundhole where my pick hits the edge. I have no idea how it will hold up after 30 years( I hope I make it that long myself) but it does require a little TLC. It is a remarkable instrument but not indestructable.

General Comments

Again I have already submitted a very favorable review of this guitar previously but I was again so overwelmed after again comparing it to other guitar that I had to buy another. There simple was no other guitar that came close. I have played guitar for over 30 years and have owned lots of guitars. I still have my Martin and Gibson but I am only keeping them for sentimental reason. Definitly not sound or playablity. Since I bought my first D03 I have not picked up my other guitars. This guitar consistantly inspires me to play. I have changed from a casual player to a fanatic. I now play till my fingers are sore. I can't say enough about this guitar. I just wish I had found this guitar 30 years ago, I would be a much better player.

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