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Vox Valvetronix AD50VT 50w 1x12 Guitar Combo Amp

Sound Quality

I use a Fender American Strat most of the time but also a Epi Les Paul and a Ibanez 335 copy. I can't say enough about the sounds in the little amp. I've had it now for about 6 months and I can't find anything that sounds better for any price. I mostly use the Fender Black Face with a little verb for clean and the UK 80's with compression for crank. I love the Vox AC30 sound but for live I don't really use it that much. When I record it's great to be able to have such a wide pallet of amp models to choose from. You can sonically experiment and find great combinations. It records great and you can even take the rear output for direct but I do perfer micing the speaker. I do use the direct for recording bass with the Bassman sound but I also mic that too. Lately I have been using a Hartkey 4-12 bottom with this amp as a head. This makes it sound even better. The internal speaker is 8 ohms so I imagine it is matched for 8 ohm output but my cab in mono is either 16 or 4 ohms. I run the cab at 4 ohms and man! What a Sound! The AD50VT is a 50 watt amp but this thing must be producing close to 100 at 4 ohms. I can get a clean sound as loud as I want and the crank can be deadly. The Hartkey 4-12 celestion loaded cab is a good combination because it is rather neutral sounding so it reproduces the amp models without coloring or added a different speaker character. I have A-B'ed this amp with the big brother Vox Valvetronic Combo and 120 watt head and the AD50VT sounds better. It does not have as many amp models, effects and features as the VXT series has but the a clearer, more defined, and believe or not it is louder than the 120 watt. I have also A-B'ed side by side with the new Vox AC30CC which is a great amp. The AD50VT is louder, cleaner, ballsier, and more virsatile with all the differenct amp models. The distortion is just as good as the real tube amps and the clean sound is crystal. I have also compared it side by side with my vintage Fender Twin and Bassman. Again the AD50VT stands up to the test and to my ears sounds even better on the "Black Face" setting than my Fender Black face! I know your getting tired of hearing all this but I am really convinced this amp could be the only thing I need. It out Voxes the real Vox, out Fenders the Fenders, and out Marshalls the Marshalls. On top of that is gets a great Boogie and Boutique sound. The channel programing could not be easier and unlike the big brother Voxes you don't need to spend $250 for a foot pedal. Granted, it's a much simpler set up and you only have 2 channels and for some that is not going to cut it. But for me 2 channels works fine.


So far I have had no problems in the 6 months I have had my amp. I play every day for at least 4 hours and play out at least 2 times a week at clubs, bars, etc. The other guitarist in my band went out and bought the same amp after he heard mine. The only problem he has had is the guitar jack fell in on a show. That was not good but easily fixed. The nut had worked loose and when he plugged in the jack fell inside the amp. The tolex type covering is very thin. Even thinner than the more expensive Vox amps and it will tear very easily.

General Comments

I have been playing since the 60's and have been through a lot of amps. Now I own a 60's Fender Twin, Bassman head, Vox AC30CC, Peavey Backstage, Peavey Bandit, Marshall Valvestate, and Crate Palamino. If stolen or lost I would run out the next day and buy another one. I might just run out and buy another one now just to be safe. I played the other night with this amp and a 4-12 bottom and I had the best time of my life on stage.

It's that good. We play originals and lots of classic and new rock covers. I don't need a ton of different sounds but I do need great tone. With the Black face on the clean and the UK 80 on the crank and a couple of more variation in there, I had a ball and it was a joy hearing the sound of my amp behind me on every tune. A funny aside...I also recently tried the AD100VT which is the same basic amp in a 2-12 100watt version. My AD50VT sounded more defined and centered sonically. I don't know why but I'm glad I have this amp.

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