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Pierre Laforge

Rocktron VooDu Valve On-Line Guitar Multi Effects Processor

Sound Quality

Please... PLEASE be aware that factory settings of the Voodu Valve are only sh**t!!!!! Too many effects, too much reverb, strange sounds... But wait, wait: the aim of these sounds is just to show the capabilities of the machine!!! This is a kind of exhibition of all the effects of the Voodu. So you cannot use these patches without changing parameters, working on equalisation, and so on!!! When I read some negative review with guys saying: "Oh, I plug my guitar, I play and I find the sound is sh**t"... Ok, man, please work on the settings, please try to set the three equalization sections!!!! (normal one / pre / post equalizations). But of course, this takes time to try different settings... I would say if you want some "plug and play" staff, do not buy this machine!! This requires time! So I have been working during several hours on my settings to obtain 3/4 patches: clean / overdrive rythm / disto rythm / big lead sound with a lot of sustain. And I must say you can obtain VERY VERY good sounds with a very long sustain, nice harmonics and a lot of musicality even with a lot of gain!!! I am especially satisfied with my lead sound: the gain is not that high (between 45/50), but the disto is powerful (you have a nervous sound like "roooooaaaaar"), close to the sound of a tube amp or close to the famous Tube Screamer sound. A few remarks more: - The delay section is very good, always a lot of musicality. - The speaker simulation is EXCELLENT and gives to your sound more realism (for my part I always put on the simu) - The Rocktron Voodu sounds much better with a power amp (not on a combo); I cannot explain why... But on mid-quality combos, the Voodu does not sound that good, there is a lack of bass & mids... Try to play with a power amp, or even on a hi-fi system! This will be better. I would conclude by saying that the Rocktron Voodu is a very good product with enormous possibilities of settings (too many sometimes??); this takes time, but once you find YOUR settings in accordance with your guitar & your pick-ups, you will LOVE IT!!! Harmonics, musicality, professional sounds... Enjoy man!!! But do not think you just have to plug and play!! And this machine was not created to be used with a combo or a classical amp... You need a POWER AMP!!!


Good. This works well, I haven't got any problem.

General Comments

Excellent machine, quite old (created in the 90s) but still up-to-date with the MIDI possibilities (you can download patches on the official website of Rocktron), the speaker simulation (you can select your speaker: 8', 10', 12'!!! and the position of the microphone!!). The sound is great, professional, you have beautiful harmonics, but you have to take into account the following restrictions:


1. the factory settings of the machine are only sh**t

2. you have to spend a lot of time on the settings to find your own sounds (ok this is long, but you will love the result!!)

3. the voodu has to be used with a power amp (not a combo)


Excellent gear.

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