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Sound Quality

Originally purchased to use as a practice rig. Use it with a Vox Tonelab thru an Avatar 2x12 (Hellatones) with Gibson Explorer, Vee, Invader (all w/SD SH-8's) and EC-1000 (EMG's). @ 3/4 this really come's alive. The Tonelab is pretty good on it's own, but really beefs up. I'm a JJ's tube fan so I'll be swapping out the tubes shortly....definitely will go with a milder pre-tube. Great friggin buy.


I've been cranking this little B*st*rd for about three month's and it's been pretty ball's on reliable. I plan on using it for a couple of short gig's for my "Classic/Hard Rock barband". I'm trying it out at practice and since we mic up, it should do great.

General Comments

Playing Classic/Hard/Metal/Extreme Alt Rock on/off 20 yrs. Main Rig is a Mesa Roadking/Soldano 4x12 + Avatar 2x12, 5150 Combo w/Peavey 4x12. Gibson Guitars(Invader, Explorer, V) ESP EC-1000, Ibanez 400 Series. I sure a hell would get another if this were stolen...plan on getting another anyway just incase this fries....not worth fixing at this price. Great match with the Tonelab...if you have a TL, try it out. Have the other older Epi 5W Combo 8" and IMO this Jr blows it away. I use it as a footrest. Anybody wanna buy an amplified footrest?

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