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Sound Quality

With the noise gate properly set up, the 2101 is very quiet. Even when playing my 1967 Ric-330 whose single-coil pickups receive noise from every cheap dimmer around. With the parameters set correctly, I get all the sustain possible from this low-gain guitar, and NO noise when idle. Nearly all of the digital effects are outstanding for guitar use.


Very dependable. I play about 4-6 one night gigs a month. So this thing gets put in the back of a cube van and transported to/from who knows where every gig. My 2101 is nearly a year old and ... So far, so good. The construction is pretty sturdy. It should last a long time if you keep it racked with front/rear covers. We carry a backup amp (Mostly for the other guitar player (GK))

General Comments

This is an excellent piece of equipment. The quality is exceptional and the amount of flexibility is nearly unimaginable. However, adjusting settings on the fly, is very much a pain. I would like to see four assignable knobs assignable as either data wheels or continuous controllers on the front panel. i.e. Gain1, Gain2, Master Volume, Wet/Dry, Reverb Depth, etc...

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