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Sound Quality

I use a hardtail Jap 50s strat reissue, a Cortez ES-175 copy, a Dillion Moserite Ventures model copy, & a pair of 6 & 12-string Fender Coronados. It pretty well suits the styles I listed above. As the previous review stated it can be similar to a Matchless and can be Fender-like. It pretty well stays clean all the way up. The reverb's tone control is incredible. Other manufacturers should learn from these. Set to 8(highest number on the knobs) it has a bright Fenderish sound. Turned between 4&1 it has a very unique dark sounding echo. I never use the crappy tremolo. The tremolo is my only complaint, but for only paying $22.50 for it I'm not comlaining very much. On brighter settings the amp can be a little hissy but not terribly so.


I have recapped all of the electrolytics. It was humming a little when I got it. I replaced all of the tubes. One of the speakers had a hotwheel through the cone. That speaker has been replaced but kept in case I get the urge to get it reconed. It smoked on me twice within a period of about 1 1/2 months. Both times the fixes were simple & very cheap. It's been about 7 months since that now & it's been behaving for me. It's probably fine, but since those times I've been leary of not having a backup accessable.

General Comments

I've been playing for between 4-5years. I've got a pair of 60s era epiphone amps. One's an EA-50T. The other's an EA-32RVT. Both of them using single 10"s. Also the guitars listed above. It's a unique enough amp and probably had a short enough production time that tracking another one down if it were lost or stolen would be difficult. If it were I would probably try to track down a vintage Standel. I like everything except the crap tremolo. As I said earlier the reverb setup is very unique. I chose this one because it was in an auction where most of the other people were more interested in the office furniture & I picked it up for $22.50. I've never seen anything like it. Extremely versatile. The only thing I wish it had would be the original footswitches. One of the most unique amps I've run across. I nice alternative from all of the normal Fenders, Marshalls & Peaveys.

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