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Machine Man

Vox Cooltron CT01DS Bulldog Distortion Pedal

Sound Quality

this pedal is a great all around pedal. Rock, blues, metal... this baby can deliver. I use it with various amps, and it sounds almost the same with any amp. But i think it will sound best with tube amps. I used it once with a roland jazz chorus and this dog bites!!!. The only comment I have is that it sounds too bright. I role off the treble control just to hit that sweet spot. Gain 1 is warmer than gain 2 but a little bit noisy if you turn the gain at full. Gain two has a compressed, tweekable but heavier gain structure which is a bit harsher but still sounds good when you use it for heavier music. My fender strat fits this pedal like a tailored glove. My set up very simple: Fender strat or Ibanez RG, Dunlop wah 535Q, Arion octave, Cooltron Bulldog, Boss DD3. Ever since I switched to the cooltron I've been getting praises on my sound. I use to have a sansamp GT2, the bulldog just ate it for breakfast.


I wouldnt know, just used it for a month. Let's see after a year. But it looks pretty sturdy with its chrome chasis.

General Comments

I play glam rock and sometimes mainstream when I session. It works with all the artists I've played with. It definitely is a heavy pedal...but it could also go mellow with the right adjustments. I would definitely get another one if this gets stolen. I just love Gain 1. It's warm even at maximum gain. I kinda dislike the treble on this baby. I would compare it to a mesa v-twin. But I like the fact that you can control gain 1 and 2 separately. I wish it had a mid control though, then all my ratings will be 10.

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