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big jilm

Blackheart Engineering Handsome Devil BH-15H

Sound Quality

Using this with humbuckers. SG, 335, humbucker equipped Strat. I play blues based rock, and this amp is working for that sound great! If you dime the gain and Drive, this is early AC/DC plus. Good sound. I found the origional tubes to be a hair harsh, so I put in some better ones, JJ's, and it tamed it down a little. Boomy bottom end, a little dark. Bass at 10 o'clock, mids at 9 o'clock, treble at noon, presence around 8 o'clock, drive dimed and level 2 o'clock to dimed this thing does older Marshall pretty well. Running mine with 2 Blackheart 1X12" cabs, sounds great. I like my bottom end a little tighter, though, so I back the drive down to 10 o'clock or so and run a MI Audio CrunchBox for my distortion, and use the amp as my clean - which sounds fantastic! This is the best amp for taking pedals I have ever used, period.




General Comments

Been playing 25 years. Pretty much a Zeppelin/ACDC/Hard rock guy. This amp is a great sounding thing, and an exceptional value. 350 bucks? Are you kidding me?

Reviewer's Background

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