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Sound Quality

I am using an '89 American Strat with Seymour Duncan Pickups (Hot rails in the neck/bridge, JB Jr. in the middle). I play mainly Iron Maiden (Dave/Adrian/Janick ALL use this preamp). It is pretty noisy, but can be greatly helped by a noise gate (all rack gear is noisy though). It can make almost any sound you want it to. It doesn't get distorted at high volumes. The distortion can be mild and warm all the way up to high-octane crunch, i.e. Metallica/Pantera.


Never broken down. Very durable.

General Comments

I've been playing for 8 of my 15 years, and I own that strat and a rack containing a Rocktron Intellifex, Furman RP-L8 power conditioner, a BBE Sonic Maximizer 462, and a Marshall 9200 power amp. I highly recommend this preamp. If you don't havea Rolls MIDIbuddy/MIDIwizard for this, GET ONE. It is a pain in the butt to change the channels manually. I chose this one because it is ubiquitous on pro racks everywhere, and on all three Maiden guys' racks.

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