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Sound Quality

Wot is my music style?? well i like most jazz or rock mainly .. im not a pro player but enjoy messing with my sequencer & jamming along ( as best i can ) so the guitar will be used mostly in a home set up. ( u can see also my other review about my Washburn BT2) Ive got my guitar fed into a zoom 505 then into a zoom 1201 for extra reverb if needed .. which sounds brill when jamming to a sequence to minidisk .. the results ive been told are really pretty good for a home set up .. but it does take a lot of experimenting to get the sounds right. Anyhow .. so tonight i finished fitting the heavier strings & put it thru my set up & can only say the guitar has got a long way to catch up with my W-BT2 !! The sound generally is extreamly sharp & brittle .. but having said that it is a clean sound .. not as warm & full as the BT2. This has not dissapointed me because .. "WOTS THE POINT OF A 2ND GUITAR THAT SOUNDS JUST THE SAME!!!" .. no its very different .. twangy. But wot i did find out .. was that the single pick ups were picking up noise from the TV & PC !!! thats a bugger ! .. ill get round that somehow. As far as comparing the 3 pickups go .. the bridge is very sharp & clear .. & the other 2 & combinations are as u would expect slightly more bottom end .. the volume & tone seems to be the same as most passive circuits.Its ok .. i cant compare it to a Fender like some do as i aint got one !!


To this category i cant really coment. I fitted a strap & the pegs seem ok .. so far.I dont normally use a strap indoors .. but i thought id try it & buy the guitar a strap.Err .. well the pickups are hardwear .. arnt they ?? .. it maybee the reason it sounds a bit toppy .. maybee some alternative pickups may modify the sound .. but as far as i can see they look like the run of the mill .. no pole adjusters .. some guitars at this price do have.

General Comments

How long ?? i started back around the early 70,s .. trying to mimic Hendrix & Ritchie blackmore .. etc .. Listened to a lot of jazz too .. & i think i got on fairly well at the time .. but got into a rut .. lack of enthusiasm / practice .. then got sidetracked .. im sure someones been there. Then later my son suddenly realised there were things called guitars & got me interested again after about 20yrs of not really doing anything !!! I still enjoy messing about.

If it got stolen .. errr .. well id be Psssss$ off a bit .. having to search round again to find that one .. all over again .. mmm

Yeah i compared it to my good old Washburn BT2 & Falcon ... see my reviews

Anything i wish it had .. yeah i know .. i wish it had been free !

thats about it ..

One last thing .. i did notice that on all the reviews i needed to look at .. the ratings seemed to be biased .. about 50/50 .. if the guitar was good .. it was a cheap guitar & better than one costing ten times .. & on the other side of the coin .. if it was rubbish .. wished they,d have paid ten times more & got the one they really wanted !!!!

Thats life ...

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