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Sound Quality

P pickup, has a decent "P" style sound, but the J pickup is weak, and hums a LOT. The blend control is a nice idea, but in practice only serves to muddy up the sound of both pickups. After replacing the stock pickups with a DiMarzio set, there is a much noticed improvement-especially in the J pickup sound. The controls, however, are still VERY bland sounding. I even tried experimenting with different capacitors-nothing really exciting achieved. I'm seriously considering installing a Basslines/Duncan active preamp.


The keys aren't bad, but the truss rod not looks about as loose as a goose-time will tell. Decent strap buttons. This would NOT be my first choice for a gig, but it might make a fair backup. I mainly bought it to just fool around with. My main interest is guitar. Agathis body is very soft, and the screws stripped out the wood the first time I removed the backplate.


General Comments

Well, it's not a BAD bass, but in retrospect, I wish I had bought the OLP MM4 Stingray clone instead. I actually tried one out at Guitar Center and it's really not bad for the money. Much nicer than the Squier MB-4, and in a similar price range. I have heard fantastic things about the original Fender MB-4, but the Squier version pales in comparison. If it were stolen, I wouldn't be in a hurry to replace it. If you really want a Fender, spend $100 more, and buy one of the Mexican made standard models. I have a Mexican Telecaster that was a fantastic value for the money. In defense of the Squier MB-4, I do have to admit, that the body size is very comfortable, and the whole thing balances nicely. Then again, the original Fender model, although quite nice, was never very popular, and I'm sure you could find a used one for an attractive price, if you really like the MB-4 style.

Reviewer's Background

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