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Vox Valvetronix AD50VT 50w 1x12 Guitar Combo Amp

Sound Quality

I have a very elaborate pedalboard setup so I got this with the expectation of using the amp models only, not the effects. I've played this amp with several of my guitars, including an Italia Modena, an Epi Dot, and a Nashville Telecaster. Simply put, the tones on this are gorgeous. Last week I bought an early 60s vintage Fender Bassman 2 x 12 cab, refitted with Celestion 30s and I feel like I'm in possession of a boutique class amp. I can say that regardless its settings, the Valvetronix is completely noiseless. There are 11 models to work with, though I stay to the left of the dial where the Vox emulates some vintage amps, including the Dumble, a Fender Twin, a Bassman, an AC15, and the AC30TB. All of these models are very usable and react differently to pick techniques and the volume controls on your guitar. There is plenty of volume when connected to the 2x12 cab to play mic'd at stage levels. I have no doubt this is my ideal stage setup.


I would have liked to see a 1 or 2 year warranty, but these seem to be well constructed. North Coast Music bench tests each amp for 6 hours before selling, and were super to work with. I'm confident this should last awhile.

General Comments

I've played for several years now and have run through a fair amount of equipment in that time. I was excited when the Valvetronix line was announced in smaller wattages, but think this 50W model is ideal, since it doesn't kill you to carry it and has plenty of tone. I went to see the Ocean Blue a few months back and saw the 30W model on stage and figured then I'd probably get one.


I'd consider moving up to the 60W head version, since this cabinet sounds so good, but I'm very happy with this purchase so far. I'll agree that you really can't do any better in this price range-- there's no equivalent in Line6 or the CyberTwin series. Go to Guitar Center, try it out & then order the cool looking one from North Coast.

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