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Sound Quality

This was exactly what I was looking for! I have a custom built guitar that does everything I need, but I wanted something I could sling low and dig into, for more rock n roll/grunge type stuff. The pickups are great - wide variety of tones, but it really shines when played clean or just-over-the-edge. I strung it with 11's (string gauge - 11-52) and it sounds just huge. The big fat body does a great job of beefing up the tone. The trouble with my custom axe is the Seymour Duncan pickups are too clean - too good! The Burns will feedback and howl when you want it to, PERFECTLY ! Just what I wanted. It's not uncontrollable, it's not like it feeds back in an annoying way, but when you want it? Oh baby.... Some of the sounds get a little too brittle. The tone controls do a good job of warming it up a though.


Will this guitar withstand live playing? Will YOU withstand live playing? This baby aint light, and to look the part you really have to set your strap to it's lowest setting...! But it's really well made. And lighter than my custom!! I use this baby live, but I wouldn't play any guitar without backup just incase a string goes.I don't want to be messing around onstage in the middle of a song, changing strings!! How nerdy...

General Comments

I've been playing 15 years, and really like to have pro or semi pro gear. I have a custom built guitar and an old Westone (the first guitar I owned!) which is still a great guitar - knocks off a strat perfectly. I play through a Korg A2 into a Ampeg Superjet. Nice simple setup that is incredibly versatile (Line6 eat your heart out!).

I love the whole vibe of the Burns. For rude and nasty rock, or jangly echoing things, it really cuts through. Thats what I bought it for, plus it's a little different. You can't get them in Canada - thats the other half of the reason I bought it and not a Squier Tele.

The Burns has been compared to the Mexican Strat, but really the Burns has WAY more character. To be honest the mexistrat has NO character!

For 195 quid you cant go wrong.

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