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Sound Quality

The first stroke on it was surprising me. It has a clear,more concert-guitar-like-sound than ukulele¿¿s ever will have. I tuned it down to G so it¿¿s a lot more comfortable to play now. I bought it for having it around in the livingroom for exercising and to take it with me on the road (it¿¿s the right size to play on a carseat!) I can play all musicstyles on it (exept the distorted ones ^^)and several techniques,i even do my tappingexercising on it... The mounted strings on it are good quality,wonder if they offer them separatly to...


well there¿¿s no complaining after 2 years playing it. everything is still there where it has to be. no woodproblems (wich i was expecting...shame on me) and if you are a real guitarplayer you¿¿ll know what i mean when i say it¿¿s played-in right now,i would say it¿¿s "fuller" in sound now.

General Comments

Let¿¿s come to the point,i would buy it again at anytime.

Don¿¿t want to miss it no more.

I play guitars about 30 years now (classical,western,folk,electric and yes...guitarlele^^)

It has is own spot in my collection,and i like it more than the halfsized classicals i¿¿ve tested before.

It¿¿s just great for fingertraining,no doubt,cause you have more room for that fingerspreading chords...

... or,important to,

do some quick songwriting with it,wherever you are...

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